Crushed dreams


I moved into a townhome thus destroying any dreams of solar. But I’m excited to have air conditioning. A must in AZ.

Used Panels

I found a place that sells used Panels. Shipping is expensive but they are in Gilbert. I’ve seen panels as low at 17 cents per KW.


Micro inverters allow you to have solar panels of different voltage/amp. I plan on starting with a string of microinverters and used panels, leaving room for a battery backup and generator in the future.

Solar system update

I still don’t have a home to build this in, but I will in July.  I’m moving in with my GirlFriend. What I’ve decided is this:  I want to build it on the ground if there’s enough room.  This is going to help maintain, and not mess with the roof. I want to do a […]

My solar system

solar system

I’ve dreamed of having my own solar power system since I was a kid. Until recently there were two catches. 1. I need to own my home or I have nowhere to put the system. 2. The price for a usable system was more than the price of electricity. Both of these are about to […]